Newport Mansions offers NuRiders incentives to carpool

Remember NuRide? The unique carpool service has added another sponsor to offer rewards redeemable by "NuRiders". The new sponsor, Newport Mansions, which is operated by The Preservation Society of Newport County, offers free tickets to its numerous historic homes and gardens. States CEO and Executive Director Trudy Coxe of the Society, "Environmental advocacy is an important part of our preservation mission. We hope that by providing these rewards we will be helping commuters, who are in turn helping to alleviate global warming by driving less."

Newport Mansions sponsorship is part of the "Connecticut 2,000,000 Mile Rideshare Challenge," a program initiated by the state's Department of Transportation and the Transportation Strategy Board to reduce the number of drivers on state roads and streets. The program was launched at the beginning of the year.

[Source: NuRide via PR Newswire]

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