Earn Free Stuff By Carpooling Through NuRide!

If you've thought about the traditional carpool but it never works out for you--maybe your hours vary or you work in different locations--then log on to NuRide and look at their innovative ride share program. It looks pretty simple to use. You specify your starting and ending locations, then choose if you want to be the rider or the driver. You'll be matched up with one or more people who are going where you are, when you are. Like eBay, you can see your rider/driver's rating from other NuRiders, so you can tell your riding with someone on the up-and-up. The best part? NuRide offers frequent-flyer type rewards to its users, with sponsors from wine.com to Target to Brookstone. So for sharing a ride to the big game, to work, or to finals, you can earn free stuff, save wear and tear on your car, conserve natural resources, and reduce tailpipe emissions. Still have questions? Head over to their well-organized and information-packed website.
[Source: NuRide]

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