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The Ford GT may already be out of production, but it's just getting started on the European race circuit. Last month we told you that three Ford GTs were being raced by Matech, and after its first test at Dijon, Ford's most premium super car looks to be ready to compete against the best Europe has to offer. The Matech Ford GT posted a time of 1'20.611, finishing .185 behind the overall fastest tester, the Ascari KZ1-R. Driver Christophe Bouchut tabbed the GT as "easy to drive" and called the car "well built".

MyVideo has footage of the Ford GT in action at Dijon, and it looks quite at home at the track, sounding like the super car that it is. We hear the flames coming out of the exhaust of the GT during the practice run are in fact not the product of a Power Stroke diesel, so there is no reason to be alarmed.

Check out the very well-produced video of the Ford GT at Dijon after the jump.


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Burning Ford GT - MyVideo

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