Watch the cloud of black smog fill the ... balloon?

This is a pretty compelling picture as far as I am concerned. According to this site, which is where I got the information I'm relaying to you from, says that this balloon, which is attached to the tailpipe of a car in China, is filled with the exhaust from one day's worth of driving. That does not look like a very large displacement car, either, but I have to be honest and admit that I'm not familiar with that car.

If you get a chance to visit the site that was behind the picture, click here. I was interested in some of what they were promoting there, especially the idea of driving a vehicle with a smaller displacement engine. Americans have long been known to always purchase the largest engine available in any particular vehicle, whether they needed the extra power (and subsequent fuel mileage penalty) or not. What are the chances that will change any time soon?

P.S. Sometimes we can have fun with our categories... notice I labeled this one "Carbon Capture"... get it?

[Source: via Frederik Samuel via Hugg]

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