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This on top of the existing congestion charge.

This on top of the existing congestion charge.

Being a mechanic is harder than ever before.

One of the byproducts of burning fossil fuels is smog.

The state of Oregon does not require state-wide smog checks be performed on vehicles on a regular basis; only the cities of Portland and Medford require emissions testing to be performed on the certain vehicles regularly.

Within the state of New Jersey, registered motor vehicles are required to pass a smog check, or emissions test, every two years.

Only a few specific areas in Ohio require that vehicles undergo smog checks.

If you work in Nevada and want access to more automotive technician jobs – and a better paycheck – one way to accomplish both is to become a smog technician.

The state of Pennsylvania requires that any vehicle that is required to participate on the Emissions I/M program go through an emissions testing when the associated safety inspection is performed.

Better automotive technician jobs are generally reserved for those who have either put together an impressive level of experience or added to their resume by specializing in something.

Within the state of New Mexico, only the county of Bernalillo requires emissions testing, or smog checks, to be performed on all vehicles that are less than 10,000 pounds, and are newer than 1982.

In a competitive field such as vehicle repair, you want to maximize your chances of landing the right automotive technician job for you.

The state of Rhode Island requires that all vehicles be inspected for both safety and emissions, or smog.

The state of New York requires that most vehicles, with a few exceptions, must get a smog check, or an emissions test, at the same time as the regular safety inspection during the registration process.

Finding the right automotive technician job for you can mean taking your mechanic career in a specialized direction.

Securing a good automotive technician job often involves becoming particularly skilled in a specialty area.

Vehicle smog and emissions testing is common practice in this era of environmental awareness.

When you’re trying to find an automotive technician job that’s the right fit for you, you may not have considered emissions inspection and repair.

For those in an automotive mechanic career, finding the right automotive technician job can be a challenge.

As environmental concerns have grown, smog and emissions testing for vehicles has moved to the forefront of regular vehicle maintenance.

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