CSNY buses visit BioTown, USA

Looks like that one biodiesel pump in Reynolds, Indiana (also known as BioTown, USA) is finally up and running. This weekend, members of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and their alternative fuel-powered tour buses stopped in Reynolds while traveling from tour stops in Indianapolis to Chicago. The group wanted to promote the town's biofuel message. The buses filled up on B20 at the new pump and had a Graham Nash had a bite to eat in the USA Restaurant. David Crosby said he supports biofuels. "I think it's much better to produce our fuel here and give our money to American farmers then it is to send it to Saudi Arabia where they don't even like us," he told the AP. But biofuel proponent Neil Young didn't come to town, as he took a plane between Chicago and Indianapolis.

And hold up a minute. This tale sounds good until you get to the eighth paragraph of the article, which reveals that the biodiesel pump isn't working yet, and a special tank and pump were brought in for the occasion. And the whole event was filmed for possible inclusion on a VH1 music video. Rock 'n' Roll will never die.

[Source: Fort Wayne.com]

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