As president, Chris Dodd would enact Corporate Carbon Tax

Chris Dodd is the first presidential candidate to support a carbon tax. David Roberts at Grist read through Dodd's energy speech from yesterday and found a firm stand on not only expanding a cap and trade bill but enacting a corporate carbon tax.

"An America that taxes the big polluters will have less pollution, more innovation and more freedom. It's that simple," said Dodd.

Dodd believes a corporate carbon tax would generate about $50 billion annually and be used to help solve energy problems and bring new technology to market.

Roberts doesn't give Dodd much of a chance since the money won't be refunded to consumers. He won't win the automakers' support, either, by proposing a 50mpg fuel economy standard. Right now he stands arguably as the greenest candidate running from either party.

[Source: David Roberts / Grist]

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