AutoStudi is a Turin, Italy based engineering and design studio that does work for most of the car-makers that are based in the Piedmont region of northern Italy that includes towns such as Maranello and Modena. At the the SAE World Congress they are displaying an interesting stand up electrically driven scooter design.

The A-Trix is a three wheeled vehicle with a motor incorporated into the front wheel. The front fork, handle-bars and frame are fixed together. The A-Trix has an innovative new rear suspension with a central rocker and semi-independent setup. Steering is achieved by simply leaning in the direction you want to turn as you would on a bike or downhill skiing. You can see more pics and find a little more info after the jump.

[Source: AutoStudi]

When it was originally built it used only batteries for energy storage. Subsequently working with the Turin area Chamber of Commerce, they were teamed up with another local company and updated the drivetrain. It now uses a hydrogen fuel cell. The cell provides enough power to propel the A-Trix up to 45 km/h and run for two hours. Currently there aren't any production plans for this prototype but you can see it in action in an episode of the upcoming season of Beyond Tomorrow. A computer animation is also visible on the AutoStudi web site.

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