ForbesAutos picks the 12 greenest cars

In selecting the 12 greenest vehicles, ForbesAutos editors split the roster between hybrids and traditional gas engines that are small and well-tuned. The editors also used EPA data to factor in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The Prius and Civic Hybrid are the only two vehicles to score the highest rating of 10 in greenhouse gases. Who's on the list? You can check out the slide show presentation but only four American brands were on the list, including the Saturn Ion (shown). No luxury hybrids were included; in fact, no vehicle on the list cost more than $35,000. I found one obvious omission: the Honda Civic GX. As a CNG-powered car it's emissions are practically zero but there was no explanation in the story why it wasn't included.

[Source: Dan Lienert / ForbesAutos]

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