China Shanghai 2007 autoshow preview

Our sibling site from across the Pacific has been covering the Shanghai Auto Show in the same fervent style that you'd expect from Autoblog. If you click on through, you'll find a listing of the more important concepts to be debuted in the last few days, along with pictures and a translated article detailing the vehicle. Quirkiness and kitsch awaits... follow the jump.

Chang'an Auto:CV8 new Coupe concept

Chery Auto:A6CC Coupe Concept

Chery Auto:chery A1(maybe Dodge A1)

Shanghai Auto(SAIC):Roewe W2 concept

Geely Auto:Mybo Concept spyshots

Ha'Fei Auto:New HF8 mpv concept

GreatWall Auto:3 new concept car

Chery Auto:Tiggo 6 suv concept

Huanghai Auto:Qisheng CUV & Aolong CUV

Chery Auto:Shooting Sport concept

Shanghai Auto(SAIC):Roewe Hybrid 750

Hainan auto:haima H11

[Source: Autoblog China]

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