Porsche Panamera update: New renderings, production issues

The April 16th issue of AutoWeek is hitting mailboxes across the country, but for those of you without a subscription or who are too lazy to make it to the mailbox, they've produced a new rendering of the Porsche Panamera.
Stuttgart's latest deviation from its core products is said to debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, likely sporting a turbocharged 4.8-liter V8, producing 400 to 520 HP and clocking the trek from 0 to 60 in around four and half seconds. The engine, lifted from the recently updated Cayenne, should allow the Porsche sedan to reach a top speed of 180 MPH when making unencumbered runs on the Autobahn.

The article goes on to state that a 300 HP 3.6-liter V6 is also planned, supposedly utilizing a gas-electric hybrid setup that can make up to 400 HP while running on pure electricity –- albeit for brief periods of time.

As for AutoWeek's renderings, there's not too much to differentiate these newest images from ones we've seen in the past. The only marked difference is the C-pillar that looks particularly bloated and malformed when matched to the rest of the Panamera's sleek lines.

You can check out the renderings and read AutoWeek's article here (registration required).

[Source: Autoweek]

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