Hydrogen fuel cell radio controlled car hits the market at $1500

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is really on a roll when it comes to making small play-things powered by hydrogen. We first showed you their H-Racer hydrogen fuel cell car, next told you they were working on a radio controlled version, and then, finally, we showed you the new radio controlled "jet" which uses a hydrogen fuel cell provided by Horizon for power, and now we bring news of their new hydrogen fuel cell radio controlled car, the H-cell. The vehicle is actually a kit designed to drop right into an existing Tamiya TT-01 chassis, and "combines an ultra-compact air-cooled, light emitting PEM fuel cell system, and a scaled down fuel storage system that can safely carry up to 30 liters of solid state hydrogen." The vehicle can reach speeds of up to 22 miles per hour, and utilizes ultra-capacitors to aid in the power delivery. The on-board hydrogen can power the vehicle for up to 70 minutes, and will run you $1,500 if you see this as a "must have". Hey, nobody ever said that technology is cheap!

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