VW China plans clean engine investment, more diesels

As we mentioned at the end of March, Volkswagen is moving forward with plans to make cars in China get better mileage. Here's a bit more on the effort, from Just Auto (subs req'd).
Most of the story is on VW's work on launching diesel engines in China within the next few years. VW predicts, through an internal study, that diesel cars will grow from five percent of the passenger cars in China in 2010 to about one third in 2020. That's a lot of oil burners. VW's China division will invest EUR500mn not only for the diesel engines but also for "environment-friendly engines and gearboxes." And don't forget China's biodiesel efforts.

This summer, VW will make more decisions on it's future strategy in China. More than 200,000 VW cars were sold in China in the first quarter of 2007.

[Source: Just Auto]

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