Maserati wants the 8C to reintroduce America to Alfa Romeo

There are only 500 examples of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione planned, and 70 have already been scooped up in Japan. Don't worry, though-- Maserati wants America to get a taste of at least a few of them.

The $200,000, carbon-fiber-bodied 8C with its 4.7L, 450+ hp V8 might have trouble with America's emissions and safety laws, so "sometime in 2008" was as specific as Jim Selwa, head of Maserati NA, would get on an arrival date. Incredibly, the article mentioned that ensuring the car is "right for the market could involve details as subtle as cupholders." It will probably be much more important to figure out how to convince Americans weaned on Milanos and staggeringly-beautiful-but-perpetually-broken GTVs and Spyders that slotting an Alfa into the same price bracket as Aston Martin isn't an elaborate Italian jest.

[Source: The Car Connection via eGM CarTech]

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