Electric bikes: Suitable Transportation? Of course, just ask Stephen Gale!

Do live in an area where the traffic congestion adds time to your daily commute to work? Have you ever wondered if there might be a better way? Perhaps there is. Watch this video made by Stephen Gale from Melbourne, Australia. He discovered that he could get to work much faster on his electric bike than he could be driving. How? Just watch the video above and it will all become clear.

To prove to the doubters out there that riding an electric assisted bicycle to work can truly be done, Stephen has organized a ride from Melbourne to Sydney, which he will perform while wearing a suit. Why a suit? Because, it proves that you can still wear a suit to work while riding your electric bike. He has a website called "Suitable Transport", get it - 'cause he's wearing a suit. Clever, huh? Wanna go for the ride too? Go ahead, you're invited.

[Source: Suitable Transport via Hugg]

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