Is it a good thing or a bad thing to say that going green has gone mainstream? I dunno myself. If the mainstream media continues to cover green technology, I guess that more and more consumers will be introduced to the idea that they can make mainstream decisions in their lives that can help the environment and possibly save themselves a few buckaroos in the process. But, if the media does as Discovery Channel did with their coverage of all that is green in automobiles, then there could be just as much misinformation floating around as good solid reporting. Any comments on that?

I think that getting the news of the mini Chevy concepts, the current hybrids and clean diesels out there is more important than the fact that many people don't know just how far off hydrogen as a fuel just might be. When consumers go car shopping, and they see some of the current green technology in the showroom that they just saw on the major news stations it could spur a possible purchase. Your mileage may vary, literally.

[Source: Reuters on Youtube via Hugg]

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