Toyota planning new crossover for Kentucky plant

Toyota Motor Corp. is apparently looking into adding a new model to the assembly line at its Georgetown, Kentucky facility. That's the plant we've recently covered regarding union issues. Georgetown is currently building nothing but Camrys right now, so adding a new crossover to the mix "would help ease the plant's dependence on Camry sedans." Sure, like five million Camrys indicates they need a change. They have already added Camry Hybrid production, but it's never a bad idea to diversify to allow for market fluctuations.

The plant update would likely cost around $400 million, but wouldn't add overall production capacity or swell the work force. If and when another model is added, it is likely to be a new crossover, which would require Toyota to shift some Camry production to other facilities. They would also have to be able to build this new crossover in other Toyota plants to meet global demand. With a potential $400 million on the line, it's not surprising to hear that the Kentucky legislature is working on an incentive package for the expansion.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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