Toyota's Kentucky plant is about to crank out Camry number five million. Toyota's manufacturing plant in Kentucky has been operating since 1988, and will be starting a new milestone this year when it begins to produce the Camry Hybrid. That's because after 18 years of producing the Camry, the plant will be the first in North America to produce a Toyota hybrid of any kind.

The employees of the Georgetown, Kentucky plant must all carry rabbits' feet in their pockets to have this kind of luck. Not only does their plant produce beaucoup Camrys and now the 2007 Camry Hybrid, but they also manufacture Avalons, Solaras, and engines. All of this activity at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky represents a $5.4 billion investment with an annual payroll of over $500 million. The Camry and its cousins are critical to Toyota's presence in North America, so it's no wonder this milestone is such a big deal to them.

[Source: Toyota]

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