Seoul Motor Show: Hyundai HND-3 Veloster coupe concept

For about half a millisecond, we thought it might have been cool to head out across the Pacific and check out this year's Seoul Motor Show –- then we started seeing some of the coverage and felt secure that our time was better spent here in the States. The quality of the concepts seem to be firmly stuck in the 20th century, beginning with Kia's KND-4 SUV and now this, the Hyundai HND-3 Veloster.

Although considerably cooler than Kia's attempt at a future 'ute, the HND-3 is Hyundai's interpretation of a next gen 2+2 coupe that shares some cues from its production sibling, the Tiburon, while managing to gank some style from Honda's REMIX concept shown in LA.

Powered by a two-liter four and sending power through a five-speed gearbox (again with the 90s tech), the HDN-3 was styled by Hyundai's Design and Technical Center in Namyang. Some of the more trick, albeit played-out elements, include the U-shaped panoramic glass roof and bubbled badonkadonk that, sans a rear window, would make it an incredible pain to back up, no matter the surroundings.

You can check out a few more images by clicking the image above.


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