VIDEO: Bluetooth controlled car

So the driverless SEAT Leon Touring Car was a gag, but this one isn't. We even have video to prove it, which can be seen after the jump. What you'll see when you click through is a 1:1 scale Saab being remotely controlled by a Nokia phone. Throttle, brakes and steering are all controlled via the phone through a Bluetooth connection. The application running it also has a built-in kill switch should you get out of range. How thoughtful of them. Seriously though, this seems like a great idea to bring your car to the front door during a rainstorm, or squeezing into very tight parking spots, but unless you're with national security we doubt many other drivers will share your joy at a remote control car. And God forbid some 11-year-old hacker figures out a way to control your car for you. Yikes. Fun in the James Bond, gee whiz factor way, but we really don't like the idea of these making it onto public roads.

[Source: Techeblog]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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