New York Auto Show: Ford Chip Foose F-150, in the flesh

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Ford currently lacks a high-performance truck offering, and Chip Foose's relationship with the Dearborn manufacturer has strengthened in recent months. The combination of these two elements are seemingly all that was necessary to create the Chip Foose F-150, a supercharged four-door pickup that carries a healthy dose of performance and style without impacting its ability to carry stuff.

Lowered only two inches to retain a reasonable payload and towing capacity, the low-slung appearance is enhanced by the use of rocker panel extensions. 22-inch, six-spoke one-piece wheels, stripes and a custom grille give the truck that unmistakable Foose appearance, and of course the interior gets a few customs touches of its own.

The real story, though, is the 450-hp supercharged Triton 5.4L that resides under the hood. Or perhaps it calls someplace else home, for we couldn't find a blower under the hood of the sample on display in New York. Regardless, it's supposed to impart the Foose F-150 with acceleration that surpasses even the departed second-gen Lightning, which means it'll indeed be a damn quick vehicle.

Check out our gallery for more live shots of the Foose F-150, as well as previously unseen official shots, and there's a boatload of New York Auto Show coverage to be found elsewhere on Autoblog.
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