Cobasys grows its NiMH and Lithium development facility

The new darlings of the auto industry – battery developers – are growing in importance. Cobasys, which must still be glowing about their PHEV battery deal with GM, announced this week that they will expand their Orion, Michigan battery testing facility by 18,860 square feet for more NiMH testing capabilities and so they'll have room for "evaluating several leading lithium technologies."

That last line has got to be good news for just about everyone who sees BEVs as the true cars of the future (and PHEVs before then). We know the GM deal involves the Saturn Vue and Aura Green Line hybrids, the Chevrolet Malibu hybrid and whatever GM does with their new plug-in hybrid vehicle development program. If anyone sees the Volt concept drive into Orion, you'll give us a heads up, right?

[Source: Cobasys]

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