New York Auto Show: Chevy Groove Concept

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One of three new micro-car concepts that Chevrolet is debuting at the New York Auto Show is the Chevrolet Groove. Chevy describes it as 'FUNKASTALGIA', combining a funky modern look with retro attributes like and upright windshield and fender flares like the HHR. The Groove features a prominent twin port grille similar to modern Chevy's like the trucks and the new 2008 Malibu. The 17 inch rear wheels are pushed out the back corners to maximize the appearance of size even on this tiny vehicle. The prominent hood and headlights pulled back over the fenders add to the appearance of length. Propulsion for the Groove comes from a 1.0L diesel engine. The press release is after the jump.

[Source: General Motors]
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NEW YORK – Inspired by a "half-soldier, half-modern" military helmet, the Chevrolet Groove concept is contemporary and funky, but evokes classic Chevrolet heritage design cues like an upright windshield and prominent fender flares that give the Groove a strong, sturdy stance reminiscent of a retro hot rod.

Groove lead exterior designer Jawook Koo, of the GM Design Center in Inchon , South Korea , was seeking a mini design that was big on presence.

"I wanted to get out of the mini vehicles stereotype that is characterized by a weak, insecure and 'cute' appearance, so that consumers can feel safe just by looking at the vehicle," said Koo.

The Groove's design conveys anything but weakness. The striking matte Lunar Quartz exterior finish contrasts with the strategic use of satin silver exterior chrome details. Big, five-spoke 17-inch wheels pushed all the way to the rear give the impression of a vehicle that's much longer than it is, thanks to the short-but-pronounced hood and long, flat cabin, a design that provides for a roomy interior. Contrasting Vertigo brake calipers bring additional attention to the big wheels.

The front overhang includes open-air vents that are integrated into the front LED fog lamps, and the elongated front headlamps further "lengthen" the vehicle.

Getting this front-wheel-drive concept in the Groove is a highly efficient, 1-liter diesel engine.

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