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In-progress pictures of a diesel/electric plug-in XR3 hybrid from Robert Q. Riley

I have a brief update from Robert at Robert Q. Riley Enterprises about the status of the XR3 diesel/electric hybrid prototype. I can also share with you a few pictures of an XR3 body under construction. The process of creating a body from scratch requires building up a foam core that is larger than the desired end shape and then cutting and sanding it down to the correct size and shape. After this is complete, the fiberglass cloth is layered over the foam plug and the resin is applied over the cloth. Next, the foam core can be reduced to the proper size and another layer of fiberglass can be added on the inside, creating a foam/fiberglass sandwich. The end result is a rather strong outer shell which will never rust. Alternatively, molds can be taken off a completed body to allow other bodies to be created with the exact same specifications.

As you can see from the pictures below, the final shape is starting to show up on this work-in-progress. The right side is nearly molded to the desired shape, and the left is being built up. Robert shared with me that he is in talks with a fiberglass company to get molds created to duplicate the finished shape of this body. Under this foam composite sits the backbone frame, which I have seen, awaiting the VW transaxle and three-cylinder diesel engine at the front and electric motor at the rear. A custom windshield will be added at the front of the body shell after the fiberglass work is complete. Again, we hope to keep our readers updated as work on this prototype continues. If anybody has any specific questions, I can forward them to Robert if I don't already have the answer.

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[Source: Robert Q. Riley]

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