The real K.I.T.T. is up for sale

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We've reported on K.I.T.T. cars being up for sale in the past, but those were all reproductions of the real thing. Now, one of the four documented 1982 Pontiac Trans Ams actually used in the Knight Rider series during the '80s has a For Sale sign on its windshield. The car has been restored to its "debut-season glory" and is being displayed at Kassabian Motors in Dublin, California. The price? $149,995. Ouch, that's a big chunk of Knight Industry's defense contract budget. But it's a small price to pay for the actual car in which the Hoff and his perfectly coiffed hair shot his close ups. Many of the buttons on the dash light up and the two video screens do work, though don't expect this K.I.T.T. to hit 300 mph or jump a school bus when the Rocket Boost button is depressed. The string of red lights on the nose do light up, however, which would be the deal breaker for us.

[Source: Kassabian Motors via Yahoo! News via TV Squad]

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