Batteries seriously not included: are fuel cells just another child's toy?

We have shown you the Hydrogen fuel cell toy car for entertainment use, and now we can share with you some more hydrogen fuel cell toys. Here we have the Hydrocar, a non-controllable hydrogen powered vehicle. Is it a good idea to get kids hooked on the idea of hydrogen as a fuel source? That depends on whom you ask. I think that hydrogen is a resource that should be investigated along with all of the other alternative currently out there and whatever science comes up next and so on.

One thing that I am sure that most of us will agree on is that it is better to have kids toys powered by fuel cells than the normal non-rechargeable throw-away batteries that most toys are powered with. I guess that the phrase "batteries not included" takes on new meaning with this new technology! Click here to order.

[Source: Gizmag]

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