Survey Says: Garages lit with LED seem safer

It's a scene we've seen hundreds of times in movies – predators emerging from the shadows in a dimly lit parking garage. It used to be that you could look for the cigarrette ember so you could meet up with Deep Throat, but Raleigh, North Carolina has beat back the shadows as it became the first LED City. Parking garages in Raleigh have seen their standing with the public improve since LED lighting systems replaced the old high pressure sodium lighting. The whiter, brighter illumination led to a 76 percent increase in "very safe" replies to a survey on how the security of the garage was perceived. Whether the change has precipitated an actual drop in parking garage crime, or if it was even a problem in Raleigh to begin with, we can't say; but changing perception's not a bad thing, either. It's another feather in the cap of LED lighting technology, along with reducing energy consumption and the aforementioned lighting quality.
[Source: CREE via engadget]

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