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HP intros Maybach laptop with 64GB solid-state HD

We have no idea why branding a laptop computer with your logo is so attractive to high-end automakers these days, but apparently you're not a player until you've got one. First there was the Ferrari-Acer partnership, then ASUS and Lamborghini got together, and now we have Hewlett Packard, or HP as the kids call it these days, teaming up with Maybach, DaimlerChrysler's brand of cars for the upper crust of humanity.

Not much is known about the HP/Maybach laptop except that it features the requisite leather-covered case (is that snake skin?) with the Maybach logo front and center, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a 64GB solid state hard drive. The solid-state drive is a wicked bit of tech, as it features no moving parts like current hard drives, which makes it extremely resistant to shock. Solid-state drives also consume less power and access data much faster than normal hard drives. Additional specs and pricing are not known yet, but expect the HP/Maybach laptop to cost at least $4,000 considering its exotic hard drive technology.

[Source: via Engadget]

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