Japanese scientists and corporations working to create ethanol from seaweed

As you can tell by clicking here, we cover ethanol a whole lot. There are so many ways to make alcohol fuels from crops that it is sometimes hard to tell which ones are better than others. One thing is for sure, though: corn is not the best choice. Now that that is out of the way, consider the argument of how best to use our land. Planting crops takes up a lot of space, and some think that space is better used for food than fuel. If you agree, perhaps you should consider what researchers in Japan are doing, namely, trying to create ethanol from Sargassum seaweed. With 71 percent of the earth covered by water, it makes sense that we should consider how to use some of it for the production of food and fuels. According to this article, some of the seaweed can already be broken down into its sugars for alcohol, and scientists are working on the rest. Will seaweed join algae as a water-based crop for the fuel industry? Why not?

[Source: Pink Tentacle]

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