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Holy Shift! II: Jump start clogged toilet with 6-Speed Plunger

After adding the carbon fiber seat and the 4-speed Downshift handle to the Autoblog executive washroom, we thought our tricked-out toilet had the porcelain ponies to handle any load. But, as everyone (with any knowledge of automotive workings) knows, slapping faux fiber on the seats and a adding chrome shift knob do nothing to increase performance.
No worries. Everything Carz has your back (backside?) if you get knee-deep in the, uh, stuff. Autoblog readers, meet the ultimate bathroom accessory for gearheads: The 6-speed Plunger. (Cue angelic choir.)

While not really any better at moving things along than the $5 model at K-WalTart, this baby's got a billet aluminum handle. And you know how billet makes everything better. Seriously.

When not in use, restroom racers can justify the $32 cost by suctioning it to the floor and practicing shifting from one to two. By the way, we see no reason it wouldn't work equally well on the left side for European motorists.

[Source: Gizmodo]

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