Carbon fiber... don't believe the hype?

In a new entry over at, writer Johnny Lieberman trips the rant fantastic, lambasting carbon fiber-- material of choice for racer and poseur alike. So, what does the writer have against the sought-after weave? Well, it's impact properties, for one (Lieb' recons its accident constitution is a one-and-done proposition), and its indulgent cost for another.
Granted, Lieberman doesn't spill his vitriol on the carbon fiber's motorsports applications, he mainly calls to task the trend where the shiny plaits (or knockoffs thereof) are employed in everything from dashboard appliqu├ęs to parking brake handles, the vast majority of which offer few tangible benefits in production cars beyond aesthetics.

What do you think... is carbon fiber over-hyped, or does it remain a desirable material?


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