The OScar Open Source car finally debuts!

those visiting the AutoRAI show in Amsterdam this week see a free car on display. Well, it's "free" in the sense that the vehicle's specifications, technical drawings and the like are available to anyone who wants them. It's called the c,mm,n (common), and is the first fruit of the OScar project. OScar was the brainchild of the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment and the universities at Eindhoven, Enschede, and Delft. We first told you about this project a year ago and now have the first working model to show you. This true Open Source car was designed by an online community over the past eight years. The goal was to produce a simple, sturdy, easily-maintained, multi-functional, modular vehicle that was truly international.

The c,mm,n is intended to be a green family vehicle that can and should be adapted to individual market needs. If you use the basic platform, the group requests that you share your modifications, too. As with many products designed by committee, the results are... well, not as clean as cars designed by a single pen. The name is almost as clumsy as the exterior, but not quite. But feel free to change the looks as much as you please, just share the upgrades with the world. On the plus side, it uses a hydrogen fuel cell for propulsion and features high-tech goodies like a 2-way interactive GPS with live traffic and parking info.

[Source: Winding Road]

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