Open Source - it works for software, why not cars?

At least that's what the people behind the OScar (open source car) project believe. The project has been underway since 1999, with the goal to develop a simple and innovative car, planned and developed by a community of people on the web.
Currently, OScar is in Release 0.2, and is envisioned as an electric vehicle with wheel hub motors. Since we're borrowing from the software development paradigm, OScar has a Requirements Spec (you software types out there are nodding sagely at this point) and I wish the designers of my cars had paid closer attention! (This is why "common sense" is an oxymoron...)

Here are the high level OScar requirements:
  • Simple - small number of mechanical parts and components
  • Multifunctional- Multifunctionality through changeable build concept
  • Design - Form follows Function
  • Sturdy - stable construction of chassis frame components
  • International - Provisions for international requirements
  • Modular - Modularisation of vehicle concept
  • Maintainability - Easy

There is lots of room to participate in the project (the current group looks pretty small), so if you've always wanted to get in on the ground floor of the car business, check it out. The group has just kicked off the OScar Release 0.2 Design Challenge, so sharpen your pencils!

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