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Mullaly drops in at highest-volume Ford dealer for some face time

Last week Ford CEO Alan Mulally visited a Blue Oval dealership in Dearborn and helped move three units off the showroom floor in 40 minutes. This week he further fulfilled his promise to walk in the shoes of a dealer for a day by visiting Galpin Motors in North Hills, CA. Galpin isn't a Ford dealership, it's the Ford dealership, regularly posting the highest volume of sales in the country. It's side business, Galpin Auto Sports, is where MTV tapes Pimp My Ride. Automotive News didn't report that Mulally got to sell any vehicles during his stop off at Galpin like he did at Village Ford in Dearborn, but the CEO did spend some time touring the dealership's entire facility. We're not sure if Mulally has satisfied his verbal commitment to be a dealer for a day, or if visits like this might become common place in the future.
[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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