Ford's Mulally to sell cars at US dealership

Alan Mulally told Ford dealers at the annual NADA conference that he will spend a couple of days selling cars at a dealership sometime this year. According to the L.A. Times, the offer to do so was made behind closed doors at the Las Vegas conference, and Ford's people are already at work figuring out where and when the new CEO will play salesman.
When asked what he thought about the invitation, Mulally said, "It was cool."

Funny, that's how we feel about his doing this as well. We like Mulally's candor and his willingness to put himself in a situation like this dealership gig. Publicity stunt or not, it's something you wouldn't necessarily see other CEOs do, and Mulally will get to hear firsthand from shoppers exactly what they think about the products he's pitching. We sincerely hope that the PR folks don't overmanage this and turn it into a lame media-friendly event. This could be a good thing, so our fingers are crossed.

[Source: Bloomberg/LA Times]

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