Bulgaria goes into debt to buy fleet of Porsche Cayenne ambulances

There's few things that could make one turn away from the blue light at the end of the tunnel and return to the land of the living, but a ride in a Porsche Cayenne ambulance just might do the trick. Apparently Bulgaria agrees, as the cash-strapped country's health ministry is using a loan from the World Bank to buy a fleet 32 Cayenne's destined for ambulance duty (a Russian Porsche Cayenne police vehicle is shown above).

Unlike normal ambulances, the Cayennes will be used to reach remote rural areas where normal emergency response vehicles wouldn't dare travel. Is the buy legit or is the health ministry full of car nuts that want to do some high-performance off-roading on the weekends? Bulgarian Health Minister Radoslav Gaydarski says that Porsche offered the lowest bid to win the contract with his country. The natives, however, are peeved, as Bulgaria's healthy industry is in debt and faces a constant shortage of supplies and services. Considering the retail price of a Cayenne could pay for a few triple-bypass surgeries, Porsche must have cut one killer deal for the Bulgarian government on its ├╝ber-utes.

[Source: Ananova via Caradisiac]

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