Homemade biodiesel producer won't get jail or fines for evading taxes

A Virginia man pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of evading taxes in connection with selling homemade biodiesel without collecting taxes. Sam Bolt was sentenced to one year in the slammer and given a $250 fine for each charge, but all penalties were suspended on the condition he stay out of trouble for two years. A felony count was dropped. Officials think Bolt might be hit with civil charges to recoup the lost taxes.

Bolt was charged with producing 5,600 gallons of biodiesel in three months after collecting waste veggie oil from area restaurants. He said he started making the biodiesel for personal use, then started selling the left over fuel for $1.89 a gallon. Bolt says his operation was hardly a secret. In fact, he met with officials about selling the county biodiesel for its fleet.

[Source: Tim Thorton / Roanoke Times]

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