On paying fines/taxes for your "free" waste veggie oil

Most roads are build and maintained using funds that governments collect from taxes on gasoline. So, what happens when you use alternative fuels, including some you make yourself? You might get a knock on the door from the Illinois Department of Revenue, asking for money. That's what happened to one biofuel-loving retired couple. Also, that 15-year-old in the UK who made his own biodiesel (see below) was hit with a per-liter tax, wasn't he? Techdirt lists a few other such cases, and their comments section lit up with people saying it's an outrage. Kind of, but somebody's got to pay for the roads we all use.
I remember a biodiesel co-op that I profiled back in Georgia that was smartly proactively talking about setting aside money for each gallon the members bought to pay for any taxes that might be assigned in the future. Looks like that's the right idea.

[Source: Techdirt, h/t to Matt Perkins]

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