Battle of the Sources: Use of Nomad name on Chevy CUV refuted

Yesterday the website Inside Line reported that sources deep within General Motors revealed that the storied "Nomad" name would be revived for the upcoming Chevy version of the automaker's full-size Lambda-based CUV. According to their sources, the new ute will debut as a 2009 model to replace the abhorrent Chevy Uplander.

Not so, says Josh Oliver from The GM Source. His sources, also deep within General Motors, claim that reviving the "Nomad" name, which most recently was used on a Kappa-based concept in 2004 (shown above), has never even "appeared on the radar screen" during discussions of how to christen the new crossover. Oliver's sources also claim the CUV will appear in 2009 as a 2010 model.

Who to believe? We don't really care, because it's just a name. We're more concerned that GM's spreading the Lamda platform too thin across four brands. While the Buick Enclave manages to differentiate itself well from therest of the pack, the Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia already appear too close for our comfort. Hopefully the Chevy version doesn't come off as an Acadia with a Malibu grille.

[Source: TheGMSource]

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