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Chevy to revive Nomad name for new crossover

We've heard these rumors before, but now, sources deep within the RenCen have made it clear to Inside Line that a Lambda-based crossover sporting a bow tie and a "Nomad" badge could be coming in 2009.

Although the 50s nameplate doesn't carry the same cache as say, the Mustang, it's still somewhat recognizable to non-enthusiasts and with so many nameplate revivals, it certainly wouldn't be out of the question.

If the Nomad would come to fruition, it would be used to plug the hole currently left by the Chevrolet Uplander, whose sales have been less than noteworthy. Sporting seven seats and carrying many of the same lines as its GMC sibling, the Acadia, IL's sources say that although the name harkens back to times gone by, the styling won't. And it's doubtful that any cues will be taken from the 2004 concept that shares the same badge.

[Source: Inside Line]

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