Iowa middle-schoolers can "Use Their Bean" in biodiesel essays

If you know a middle-schooler (technically, a student in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade) in Iowa, and want to warp their minds to embrace biodiesel (did I say warp? I mean open), why not suggest to them that they participate in the 2007 Biodiesel Essay Contest co-sponsored by American Lung Association of Iowa and the Iowa Soybean Association. The general rules are: 200 words, due by May 1st, on the topic of "how biodiesel affects human and environmental health." And no plagiarizing off of AutoblogGreen.

Each writer will get two collectable wristbands (one each from the American Lung Association of Iowa and the Iowa Soybean Association) and the grand prizes (one winner from each grade) are $50 iTunes gift cards. Click here for full contest details.

And I've finally found a US-based fairly mainstream groups that lists, as the top suggestion, to "Drive Less." Sure, it's a health-based tip, but if you've been reading this site for a while, you know this is a message I like.

[Source: American Lung Association of Iowa]

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