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Four cylinders, 400 Nm: BMW's new turbo diesel

It's nothing new that torque addicted, diesel junkies abroad get all the cool stuff, and now this. BMW just released details on its new 2.0-liter, variable twin turbo diesel engine that is making 204 HP and almost 300 ft.-lbs. of torque. The two-stage turbo system, initially introduced on the 535d, all but eliminates any amount of lag by utilizing a smaller turbo at low engine speeds and a larger snail higher up in the rev range. The result: 147 ft.-lbs. at 1200 RPM and 295 ft.-lbs. of twist at 2000 RPM. Coupled with a lighter aluminum engine block, BMW maintains that a significant increase in fuel efficiency over the outgoing model has been realized.

We liked the 535d when we took it for a spin in LA, and we're sure that this new engine, whether in a 1-series or a 3-series, will be just as entertaining.

Click on the dyno chart to the right to see an enlarged version of the graph.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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