What is the "human infrastructure" cost of more biofuels?

Elementary school students learning about methanol and glycerin. Lots of new Masters degrees for bioenergy. These are two possibilities that can be taken away from Renewable Energy Access expert Jetta Wong's response to REA's latest "Ask The Expert" question, "What type of human infrastructure will be required to support increased use of biofuels?"
Wong sees different areas of America needing different things to cope with the obvious growth in the biofuel industry in the coming years. State and regional organizations will play a big role in assessing what is best for each locality, she says. Education - building both a broad basic understanding of biofuels for many and lots of highly-educated young researchers - will be key to the new biofuel world. New jobs in biorefineries (construction, regulation, etc.) and biomass production are likely. You can read the entire answer here.

[Source: REA]

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