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Ask the experts: is hydrogen economical?

Renewable Energy Access offers up a question a week for its Ask The Experts section. This week, Renewable Energy and Policy expert Scott Sklar took on the economics of hydrogen.
For his answer, Sklar relied on the National Hydrogen Association website, and keeps his answer on the higher efficiency of hydrogen ICEs and hydrogen fuel cells, compared to gasoline ICEs. His idea of generating hydrogen for transportation from otherwise unused solar and wind systems or from methane that is currently being "flared" away makes sense, but, boy, does this topic deserve a lot more of an answer. You can read the full text of the short Q&A here.

Sklar is one of seven experts to answer questions from REA readers. We wrote about his thoughts about butanol last year. He may be considered an expert, but I'm sure our readers have a few thoughts on hydrogen of their own, no?

[Source: Renewable Energy Access]

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