GM trying to turn down the Chevy Volt's hype

It looks as if GM is dimming its brightest star of the Detroit Auto Show, the Chevy Volt. Probably no vehicle generated as much press as the Volt in these energy-conscious times. At the show, GM officials stressed that battery technology had yet to catch up with the Volt, but company was committed to the concept. In other words, there is the possibility the car may never be built. But that message didn't get through to everyone and the Volt was splashed on the front page of practically every media outlet.

The Detroit News has an overview of the Volt's situation which basically says GM is trying to temper expectations. The company recently gathered about 100 journalists to nurture the softer posture as well as explain the tough task of developing battery technology. [ Ed.'s note: ABG was there]

"The pressure is intense. We came out with this idea and now people are saying, 'OK, where is this car. We want it now,' " the Volt's chief engineer Nick Zielinski told the press.

The story points out other green promises that have yet to materialize. DaimlerChrysler promised a production fuel-cell vehicle by 2004. Ford was going to have a quarter-million hybrids on the road by 2010. And taxpayers funded a $1.5 billion effort to produce a car that gets 80mpg.

The Volt's current status puts GM in a tough credibility position. Some critics say the Volt's introduction was just a PR stunt.

To GM's credit, the company is giving the media unprecedented access to the Volt's development so the public is aware of the technology hurdles.

UPDATE: The response from Maximum Bob.

[Source: Sharon Terlep / Detroit News]

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