Another team set to use Passat TDi for DARPA Urban Challenge

We told you previously about DARPA Urban Challenge and the Volkswagen Passat from defending DARPA Grand Challenge winners the Stanford Racing Team. Now there is a second team entering with a Passat TDi wagon, this time from Germany in the form of Team-LUX. The Hamburg based team appears to be taking a more minimalist approach than other competitors. It looks like the vehicle will rely only on a trio of laser scanners, one in each front corner and the third in the rear, as well as a GPS receiver. Based on the location from the GPS and the proximity to other objects from the scanners, the ECU will control the steering, brakes and accelerator. To see if this limited data will be enough keep the car on course reliably we'll have to wait until November.

[Source: Team-LUX via Engadget]

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