GM Daewoo modelIn the not-too-distant past, many of the Korean automaker designs were so lame that you had to put a pretty girl in the foreground for most people to even look at them. Times have changed, and Korean design has advanced to the point where the need has waned to employ hundreds of pretty models at the upcoming Seoul Motor Show in South Korea.

For fans of auto show models, these gals aren't going away altogether, but their numbers are going down. Hyundai models will drop in number from 46 to 36, Kia is going from 44 to 36, and GM Daewoo and Renault Samsung Motors are also following suit. And while the models are shrinking in numbers, the amount of fabric they'll be sporting will grow. Miniskirts and "sleeveless shirts" will be less prevalent in an effort to put more emphasis on the cars (how novel!).

Some of the Korean carmakers will utilize more college students and/or "car experts" whocan answer the auto-related questions of potential customers. We agree that the vehicles should have the lion's share of attention at the Seoul Motor Show, but we just wish all those upstanding young ladies didn't have to lose out on a payday (and a photo op) to keep cars in the spotlight.

Thanks for the tip, Jennifer!

[Source: The Korea Times]

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