Rendered speculation: Audi A7 Cabrio

We brought you the news yesterday that Audi plans to bring another odd-numbered offering to market. The A7 will likely bite the Mercedes' CLS styling by coming to the party sporting a swooping rear roofline, to give it that oh-so- en vogue coupe appearance.
But, what of Mercedes' four-door convertible, the Ocean Drive concept? Surely Audi has to fill that niche as well, right? Well, in cooperation with Schulte design, Motor Authority decided to answer those hypothetical questions with a rendering of a soft-top A7.

Complete with LED lighting and a pillar-less greenhouse, the A7 Cabriolet gives us a visual approximation of what such an unlikely creature would look like. Motor Authority maintains that the A7 will be built off the new platform underpinning the A8 limo, which could utilize anything between a 3.2L V6 to a Lambo-sourced V10. Since all of it's educated guess work anyway, we'll say that the R10 racercar's TDI mill would be a good candidate, along with a new version of the Quattro system that has the ability to send up to 100-percent of the power to the rear wheels. Why not? Everything's on the table.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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