Audi to double line-up by 2015, offer A7 and cute-ute

There's been plenty of talk recently about the future of Audi and its plans to dominate the worldwide luxury market over the next decade. Audi execs seem overly confident that such a feat is attainable and they intend to double the number of vehicles populating their line-up in an effort to fill every conceivable niche.

Several models will accompany the recently released A5, which seek to plug the gaps between even-numbered offerings. It's been know for some time that a Q5 is in the works, but during an interview with Automotive News, Michael Dick, Audi's product development chief, let it slip that a smaller SUV will join the fold, along with a four-door "coupe," ala the Mercedes CLS, likely to be named the A7. Dick was also quoted as saying that, "We have 22 vehicles in the lineup already and the other 18 in our heads."

This product onslaught will be launched in tandem with a new brand campaign that places the new TT center stage and dispatches any form of tag line. The old, "Never Follow" slogan will be nixed immediately and the new ad campaign will focus on pushing the luxurious aspects of Audi – something that consumers have never attached to the four-ringed brand.

With the new A5 coming to the U.S. this November, Audi's first move towards expansion will be watched by many in the industry and the media, hopefully foretelling the future of the quiet German kid in the corner.

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