Spy Shots: BMW 1-Series coupe in the buff

We reported to you back in January that the BMW 1-Series was on its way to the US in 2008 and that the mini-Bimmer would come in several two-door configurations. After Brenda Priddy and friends caught the 1-Series in an all-out photo shoot in the American Southwest, we're more convinced than ever that the 1-Series will hit US shores, and soon.

The 1-Series' price will likely be slotted in between the MINI Cooper and the 3-Series, with some speculation that indicates that the 300 HP, twin-turbo 3.0L may find its way under hood. That kind of power coming packed into a small, RWD vehicle from Bavaria is almost guaranteed to be a fantastic drive. To keep the BMW cachet in the US alive and well, we doubt the normally-aspirated four-cylinder model sold in Europe will come here anytime soon. That is, until BMW develops a new turbo-four.

[Source: Edmunds]

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